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I help software companies turn their audience from visitors to customers by creating and delivering compelling multi-media content. You concentrate on building a great product. Let me tell your story.

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You Want Decision Makers to Know Your Value

Show those that sign the checks what your value proposition is. Tell your story in a compelling and unique way.

You Want an Audience That Can’t Get Enough of Your Content

Become the subject matter expert in your domain. Show techies how to implement your solution. Build advocates within your customers’ companies.

Break Through the Clutter and Make an Impact

Break through the noise of terrible content and become the signal your audience loves.

Teach Your Audience

Don’t settle for “some blog I know.” I help you reach “trusted guide.”

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Content = subscribers. Subscribers = moolah. ‘Nuff said.

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What My Clients Say

As an editor, I find Justin to be a blogger with a mature, professional writing style that’s easy to understand from the get-go. And as the owner of a content business, I value Justin for the wide range of topics in his wheelhouse and his dependability. In both capacities, I’m delighted to have found a writer of his caliber, and I think anyone looking for content will feel the same.

Running a technically-focused content agency, finding good authors who submit on time can be like herding cats. Justin refreshingly breaks that mold. He delivers posts on time, reliably, and he can speak to a wide range of personas, from individual techies all the way up to the C-suite. I highly recommend him for your content needs.